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Your Teaching Staff:

Instructor: Tracy Larrabee    Instructor Tracy

Office: 237 Jack Baskin Engineering

Office hour:  T 11:00 AM (and via email and by appointment)




TA Andrea

Teaching Assistants:

Andrea David 

 DIS 01C   W 12:00PM-01:05PM   Soc Sci 2 075

 DIS 01E   W 02:40PM-03:45PM   PhysSciences 114

Kyle EbdingKyle Ebding

DIS 01A   M 8:00AM-09:05AM   Soc Sci 2 071

DIS 01B   M 09:20AM-10:25aM   Soc Sci 2 071

Daniel Alves

 DIS 01D   M 04:00PM-05:05PM   Soc Sci 2 071
Daniel Alves
 DIS 01F   F 04:00PM-05:05PM   PhysSciences 114

William Bolden

DIS 01G  Th 05:20PM-06:25PM  PhysSciences 114

DIS 01H  Th 06:40PM-07:45PM  PhysSciences 114

MSI Tutors. The MSI sections are in the MSI portable near Cowell. If you go from the Cowell apartments down the main road to OPERS, the MSI portable will be the brown one on your right. It says LAS on it. The Conference room is the room straight through the main entrance to the back.  If you are going for the 5% extra credit from MSI/section attendance, you can only get 2% of it from Section attendance


Sean O'Byrne

Tuesday 11:40-12:40PM @ Oakes Learning Center
Wednesday 10:40-11:40AM @ Oakes Learning Center
Wednesday 4:00-5:00PM @ Oakes Learning Center
Thursday 10:00-11:00AM @ Oakes Learning Center


Miguel Orozco

Monday - 5:30-6:30 in crown 105
Tuesday - 7:10pm in ARC 221
Wednesday - 5:30pm in Crown 104
Thursday - 5:30pm in Social Sciences 2 171
Friday - 10:40am in  Oaks Learning Center
Friday - 2:40pm in Oaks Learning Center


Hilal Morrar

Monday 2:40-3:40pm Oakes Learning Center
Tuesday 1:30-2:30pm Oakes Learning Center
Wednesday 9:20-10:20am Oakes Learning Center
Thursday 12:15-1:15pm Oakes Learning Center
Thursday 3:20-4:20pm Oakes Learning Center
Friday 9:20-10:20am Oakes Learning Center



We Have ACE Sections For CE16 This Quarter

Class Locations And Dates

Class location:Media Theater

Class time:TTh 8:00-9:45am

FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, December 11, noon-2:00pm (2 hour exam)


Check Your Grades! 






Our book is Book of Proof, by Richard Hammack.  We are using the second edition.  You can buy it for cheap on Amazon, but the book is available for free online (legally and legitimately).  If you use the third edition, it has different homework assignments and numbers for them.

Another book some students find helpful is The Nuts and Bolts of Proofs by Antonella Cupillari. You don't need to buy this book if you don't want to, but many who have been intimidated by proofs (especially inductive proofs) have found it useful. 


  • Week 1: Introduction, sets, summations
  • Week 2: Sets & logic
  • Week 3: Intro to proofs
  • Week 4: More proofs and Induction
  • Week 5: More Induction 
  • Week 6: Induction and Counting
  • Week 7: Counting 
  • Week 8: Functions and Recurrence relations
  • Week 9: Functions and Cardinality
  • Week 10: Recurrence Relations

Assignments And Quizzes

Your grade will be 45% from the weekly quizzes, 10% from the homework, which should largely cover the quiz material,  45% from the final exam (which you have to pass to pass the course) and 5% extra credit for MSI attendance (you can get up to 2% from Section attendance, but to get the full 5% you have to go to MSI). We don't have the manpower to give you detailed feedback on the homework, but we will always publish a solution to the homework before the weekly quiz. It is in your interests to understand the homework, because I often use problems straight off the homework for the weekly quiz. Make sure to keep up with the required readings listed on the quiz preparation tab at the left.

There are no makeup quizzes in this class! However, your grade will come from your best 7 quizzes, so that should cover the odd family event or work emergency that causes you to miss a couple of quizzes.


Please feel free to tell either the professor or the TA about any comments or suggestions you might have about how to improve the class. The best way to do this is by electronic mail, If you want to communicate anything to either of us anonymously, this is a good way to do it. You are always welcome to broadcast your opinions by using the webforum.

Don't worry we don't do this!

Disability Resource Center Student Accomodations

I welcome DRC students. Make sure you talk to me at the beginning of the quarter about your needs. As a note, I far prefer your emailing me a PDF of your DRC form instead of giving me a piece of paper.



I hate to talk about cheating, because I like to assume there will be none, but the School of Engineering says I must: If a TA finds or I find conclusive evidence that you have cheated on a quiz or exam, you will fail that quiz or exam. If you touch a cellphone or unapproved calculator during a quiz or final exam, you will fail that quiz or exam. It will not be possible to pass this course with a grade of 0 on the final exam. You should know that if you have been officially charged with cheating, and the provost has ruled that you have cheated, you get a black mark on your record: this could lead to either suspension or expulsion from this university.

To receive credit for a weekly quiz, you must sit in one of the installed seats of the lecture hall, and you must put the names of your right and left neighbor on the top of your quiz page (put something like "end of row" if there is no one on one side). After you turn in your test, you must leave the lecture hall immediately, and if you have forgotten your backpack or other materials, you may not retrieve them until class time is over. You may not talk to anyone during the test time but the instructor or one of the TAs. Violations of this rule will result in a quiz score of zero on the part of the person doing the talking.

Just as something to keep in mind, you will have an assigned seat for the final exam. Don't grow too dependent on sitting with your friends during examinations.

This all sounds ominous, but honestly, it is just so we all know that everyone is on a level playing field.